3D Analyst and Spatial Analyst - Time for these two to be combined? [Cross/Re-post]

Discussion created by drewskey on Dec 13, 2013
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This is an opinion discussion.

I think the time has come for ESRI to combine these tools as a single extension (dare I say include it as part of the core).

While not as long in the tooth as some, I have been using both 3D and SA since 8.3. It made some sense at the time to keep these separate. They were newly developed and the costs for this needed to be payed for. Majority of users' computational power wasn't all that great so the adoption rate also lagged. Fast-forward to 2013 and beyond, these two extensions have more-or-less morphed into the same thing for the majority of users if have come across. Sure they have added a slew of new features specific to 3D or SA, but a lot of the tools exist in both toolboxes, only further complicating the issue of license and model management.
What is keeping them separate and/or out of the core product?
Are there reasons other than financial incentive for ESRI to continue this way?