Textured MultiPatch: problems with large texture images

Discussion created by andreaspaulsen on Dec 13, 2013
I am using IGeneralMultiPatchCreator to create a textured MultiPatch. This works fine for small texture images,
but fails for larger images (15 MB .png). In ArcScene the MultiPatch is displayed in grey, the same way it would be if the "Disable material textures" checkbox on the Rendering tab of the Layer Properties was checked.
I have tried to increase the max texture memory for the layer:
I3DProperties2Ptr prop3D = layer;
long maxTextureMemory = 128*1024*1024;

but this does not seem to have any effect :-(.
I have also tried to split the MultiPatch into parts where each part have a smaller texture image,
but this does not seem to work either.