Dissagregating 10 M Raster into 1 meter and flow

Discussion created by aaronboci on Dec 12, 2013
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I know that this comes with a large assumption about the accuracy of the data but it is necessary for what I am working on and it is what my stakeholder wants. So my questions are, is there a way to take a 10M DEM Raster and break it up into 100 1M cells? Secondly if the first is accomplishable, is there a way to make the cells flow a bit better. I mean for example: 1 original 10M cell has a level of 300M high and the adjectent has 310M. After they are seperated into 2 100 cell groups, it will not be correct to have a 10M change over 2 meters. Is there a tool to blend some of the edges of all the edge or 2 edge squares to flow into the next? Thank you