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Fastest Way to get a Value from Field in First Record

Question asked by johnmdye on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2014 by johnmdye
So now that we've built our retailer database and our users can query it based on retailer name, I need  a way to very quickly get a value from the returned retailer's 'Retail_Category' field.

The idea here is that of course I can't support every retailer in the database with their specific logo. There's just way too many unique retailers. But every retailer does fall into a specific retail category which is populated for every record. So 'Giant' or 'Kroger' would fall into the 'Supermarket' retail category, 'Home Depot' would fall into the 'Home Improvement & Hardware' category.

So when the user queries the database and the retailer is returned in my addin, I need to very quickly and efficiently get the first value from the 'RetailCategory' field for the returned dataset.