Problem with calling QueryFeatures (firefox, chrome only)

Discussion created by sohnem2 on Dec 12, 2013
I keep getting errors in calling queryFeatures.

            var query = new esri.tasks.Query();
            query.outFields = outfieldsList;
            if (whereClause) {
                query.where = whereClause;
            if (geometry) {
                query.returnGeometry = true;
                query.geometry = geometry;
                query.spatialRelationship = esri.tasks.Query.SPATIAL_REL_INTERSECTS;
                query.outSpatialReference = featureLayer.spatialReference;

           featureLayer.queryFeatures(query, function (featureSet) {

           }, function (e) {

Unable to load status: 0
(I abbreviate the outFields list with '...')

But this happens only with firefox and chrome.  Not IE (using IE 11).
It only happens when the whereClause = 'U_SONEDW>=0.0', and only on the second subsequent times (not the first time).
I.e. if I change the whereClause to something else then it seems to go through.
And only when deployed to II7 web server.  Not in VS2012 development web server.