Related tables in geodatabase

Discussion created by perosillo on Dec 12, 2013
Hi all,

I have a problem working with geodatabase (ArcGis). I have a polygon shape with my parcels and a table related with different utilizations of each of those parcels. The raltionship is one to many as a parcel can be utilized by different people and for different purposses. People and purpose are fields of this related table. Parcels are fix with their own characteristics so we can say that this shape is not going to change at all. However, I need to apdate the related table when new users or purposes are included, and normally I have this new information as a shapefile containing only the parcels and purpose, one shape by user. So I need to select by location on my parcel shape (which are coincident with the new information) and then I should be able of update the ralted table by adding new records (though, adding my codes of the conincident parcels plus new users and purposes in the proper fields of the related table). This last thing is the one I cannot address because when using an OLE DB conection the table is only for read and when using the table itself in the geodatabase I can't "copy-paste" selected parcels codes into the related table.

Could anybody help me? I'll be very gratefull.