Batch File script fails on arcpy.XSLTransform_Conversion

Discussion created by cam58953 on Dec 11, 2013
I've got a script being executed weekly on a server and it writes out data to a couple places. I added in a function to use the XSLTransform_Conversion tool to write out the metadata in HTML format so I can link to the HTML files on a public download site. Script worked before I added in the XSLTransform_Conversion tool but now it errors out and reports a system (not python) error that it can't find the GPMetadataFunctions.dll. If I execute the script directly by opening it and running it or double-clicking the script, it executes perfectly.

Anybody know why it would fail because of this tool?

System Info: Windows 2008 R2 Server 64 bit AGS 10.1 SP1 and ArcGIS Desktop 10.1