export to feature equivlaent in Modelbuilder?

Discussion created by aimong on Dec 11, 2013
I am trying to append an xy table to a feature class and the Make XY Event layer in modelbuilder doesn't make the proper schema for append (copying event layer to feature class gives a schema error when trying to append). I have been able to make it work by importing the table from access, displaying xy data in the map (when layer is set to proper map projection), then export the event layer to a feature class and appending. I really want to make a tool though. Am I missing something?

this might clerify:

make xy event layer (directly from access and using table to table) - copy features - append (schema does not match)

UPDATE: I just used Merge and all is well. Append didn't like my feature class. I got "Unexpected Error" or "Schema didn't match". If anyone knows why I'd be interested.