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dGrid is not showing all the records of a query

Question asked by kenbuja Champion on Dec 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by kenbuja
In my application, I'm populating a dGrid with the results of a QueryTask. It's a small dataset of 57 points, but the dGrid is showing the first 25 records (1-25), then the last 7 records (50-57). When I reverse the sorting of the grid by the ObjectID, it's showing records 57-33 and 8-1.

I've created a JSBin to show what's happening. This is how I'm executing the query, populating the grid, and adding it to the content pane.

            function buildGrid() {                 var cpSurvey = dijit.byId("cpData");                 var tranQT = new QueryTask("");                 var tranQuery = new Query;                 tranQuery.where = "1=1";                 tranQuery.returnGeometry = true;                 tranQuery.outFields = ["OBJECTID", "survey_ind", "survey_dat", "Video"]                 tranQT.execute(tranQuery, function (results) {                     var tpTran = new TitlePane({                         title: "Transects (" + results.features.length + " features)",                         id: "tpTranQuery"                     });                     cpSurvey.addChild(tpTran);                     var test = results.fieldAliases;                     var data =, function (feature) {                         return lang.clone(feature.attributes);                     });                     var memStore = new Memory({ data: data });                     var tranGrid = new (declare([Grid, Selection, DijitRegistry]))({                         id: "tranGrid",                         bufferRows: Infinity,                         columns: {                             "survey_ind": "Survey ID",                             "OBJECTID": "Object ID"                         },                         selectionMode: "single",                         store: memStore                     });                     tpTran.addChild(tranGrid);                     tpTran.startup();                     tranGrid.startup();                  });             }

Any ideas why it's not showing all the records?