Network Analyst - Slope Restrictions

Discussion created by juandjurado on Jul 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2010 by dmandloi-esristaff
Hello everyone,

I have a polyline shapefile describing a road network where every road has a slope associated with it.  I'm trying to compute service areas using distance as the cost but also using slope as restrictions (i.e. A vehicle cannot travel a road if the slope is greater than the vehicle's max allowable climbing slope). 

My problem is that the slopes are all positive values (magnitudes) and the slope limit only applies if the vehicle is traveling uphill and not downhill.  I have also been able to add elevation values to all the junctions in the Network Dataset.

How should I go about creating the right type of attributes and parameters in order to compute the service area?

Thanks for your help!