Public Viewing, Organization editing?

Discussion created by tony.farndon on Dec 10, 2013
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I have a scenario that I am trying with our AGOL Org account, but I appear to be either missing something obvious, or it is not possible.

The scenario is that I want to have a hosted feature service (lets call it 'Highway Closures') publicly viewable but only editable by people within the organisation. So the public can see if there are highway closures, but only people in the 'Roads Department' group can edit.

I set up the feature service, add it to a web map and set this up in the group who have edit rights. All good so far. I now setup another web map for public consumption, make it available to Everyone (public), and here is where the issue comes in. By doing this, I have now made the feature service publicly editable, because it needs to be public to be viewable, meaning the edit web map and group can be circumvented.

I understand there is a new browser type role upcoming for AGOL, but this will not help us here I don't think.

So am I missing something obvious, or is it as appears, that if you want to share data with the public, and also be able to update that data, you also have to allow the public to edit it as well?