Service security settings

Discussion created by etylerNwwsd on Dec 10, 2013
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Hello Everybody.I have a question that is in regards to setting service security.

So i published a service to our 10.1 server. And when I log-in to server manager as the PSA and as someone with administrator rights, and I set the security settings to private and check the "allow access to all users who are logged in" and then go back and try to access that services I get an error message saying that "user does not have permission to view this page" Code 403. However if I have it set to public I am able to view it.

My other problem is that once I change the settings in security it won't allow me to change back from public to private. Any help would be nice.
Below is how we have our config settings set-up
User Store: Windows Domain
Role Store: ArcGIS Server Built-in
Authentication Tier Web
Authentication Mode: Web