WebMap in AGOL on PC fine / Same WebMap on iPAD - Popups not working

Discussion created by WrightWebber on Dec 10, 2013

I have a webmap set up in AGOL - I am using a developer's account.  On the PC in the ArcGIS Online map viewer, all of my configured popups work great (#1 below).  Some popups are just lists of attributes, others have media such as images with links to larger views or a PDF document.  In the past, I pulled the JSON, published on the Mobile Content Server with ArcGIS Server, used the ArcGIS for ios app on the ipad and it all worked great.  Not any more - At this point, it doesn't work even when I access the webmap via ArcGIS Online in the ArcGIS app for ios(#2 below) or via ArcGIS Online web site via Safari (#3 below).

(Note - I retested it all this morning since the new update when live today - All the results are unchanged)

1) Access via ArcGIS Online map viewer on the PC- Web Map was reconstructed in ArcGIS Online using Developer account.  The other popups are attribute lists.  Everything behaves in the ArcGIS Online app on the desktop.  This is how it used to behave in the ArcGIS App for ios and connecting via the mobile content server.

On my iPAD - Running ios 7 and ArcGIS App for ios - version 10.1.2 build 716

2) accessing via ArcGIS App for ios on the iPad- the popups do not work -  the little coordinate location window is all that comes up.

3) accessing via ArcGIS Online map viewer on iPAD via safari - popups do not function correctly - No matter where I click - I get the same information for that initial feature.  Example: The first feature clicked was a main. Now anywhere I click, I get the information for that main no matter how close or far away from it I click.

Is anyone else having similar problems?  All suggestions welcome  - thanks!


(Will cross post in ArcGIS App Forum as well)

Amy Wright Webber
Greenville, SC