esri.dijit.Measurement issue in js api 3.4+

Discussion created by detroit on Dec 10, 2013
Hello guys

I've used measurement in version 3.3 and previous and the tool worked flawlessly.

the locatlization worked:
               esri.bundle.widgets.measurement.NLS_resultLabel = "Rezultat meritve";

the coords were refreshed on mouse move. But ever since going to 3.4 (tried it up to 3.8 with same results) the localization doesn't work nor do those coordinates in the tmeasurement widget change on mouse move. If i change back to 3.3 it works normally again.

All this is only an issue under IE. It does work under chrome or ff.

I got no idea why and i can't find any reason really. Is this supposed to be a known bug or am i doing it wrong?