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Can't delete items from My Content.

Question asked by AndyNorrisE14 on Dec 9, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2013 by AndyNorrisE14

Has anyone else had problems deleting items from My Content. 

I've uploaded several tile packages, and tried to produce services from them.  The services don't work.  There is an item in my content, but it can't be added to a map or loaded.  Now I can't delete these broken services.  I can delete the original tile package, but not the service. 

I've worked out that the reason it wasn't creating the tile services correctly is because there was a period in the title (eg. "version3.2") is this the reason it is also not deleting them?

Is this a known problem?  Any known fixes?  My content is slowly filling up with broken services.  Is there another way of deleting them or is my only option to hide them in a folder?!