City Prefix Type is ignored

Discussion created by phanmore on Dec 9, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2013 by bniemand-esristaff
We have been experiencing a problem with our locators (v10.0 SP5) where they seem to be ignoring a specific city prefix type.
Our database contains the legal city name for each address (we have both single house and dual range locators), so instead of just "Toronto" we have "City of Toronto".  In most cases (City of, Town of , Township of, etc.) , this works just fine and it will geocode the address fine using either way of identifying the city.  We have one case though where the locator will only find the address if the full city name (city prefix type + city) is entered.  For example entering "Callander" for the city will not find any results but "Municipality of Callander" gets a 100% match.
I have added an alias in the CityAliases section of the .XML file (eg. "Callander" and "Municipality of Callander"), and I have also added "Municipality" to the CityType list in the same way as "City" and "Town" are defined.  Neither of these modifications seems to have any effect.

Has anyone else run into this type of problem?  Any ideas, workarounds or solutions?