How to determine values in certain layers at point locations from a separate layer?

Discussion created by mortimer.twist on Dec 9, 2013
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Hi folks,

I have shapefile of about 500 individual point locations that are the focus of my study.

I also have a couple layers (both raster and vector) of things like Slope, Aspect, and landcover etc and I'm trying to figure out a way to get the associated data from those layers for each of my 500 points.

For instance, what is the slope, aspect, and landcover at Point 1, at Point 2, at Point 3, etc.

When I previously did this for a very small data set I simply went around and used the Identify feature to see what the values were for the other layers at each point, but with 500 points, this is obviously not very efficient.

Is there is a way that I can do this? I just need to get the associated data and don't necessarily have to have it join or added to the attributes if exporting a table would work as well. Thanks for the help.