color polygons according to one column in attribute table

Discussion created by helenak on Dec 9, 2013
Hello all,

System: Windows Vista
ArcGIS 9.3 Workstation
Python 2.5

I want to assign three colors to polygons in 100 shape files,
according to one column in the attribute tables.
The name of the column follows the one letter (C) and last four number of the shape file name.
For instance, one shape file is called geoc0283.
Then the column name is C0283.
All the column names start with C and follows four numbers.

In the column CXXXX, there are three types of letters: R, S, and W.
I want to assign R as green, S as yellow, and W as blue.
I used to do this using
ArcMap=> Import shapefile as layer =>property=>Symbology
=>Category=>Unique value=>add all Value=>Import color plate (RSW).

However, I found it tiresome to do the same thing for 100 times.
Please kindly advise how to transform the steps above into python code.

Thank you.