Does disabling optimizePanAnimation work in IE10?

Discussion created by TimSparq on Dec 8, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2013 by Jian
If I fire up the two sample applications in IE10 and click the "Wheeling" link in each, they both report 70 tiles loaded.

If I fire them up in Chrome and perform the same test they report 45 and 268 tiles loaded respectively (which sounds like it is doing what optimizePanAnimation: true is attempting to do).



I'm not sure if I fully understand optimizePanAnimation, but I think the effect of not being able to disable it in IE10 is that the map request(s) when panning are not sent until panning is completed (i.e. the mouse is released) and the user experience is that you don't see a map until the ensuing map request(s) is complete.

However with optimizePanAnimation disabled, the map request(s) when panning are sent periodically (i.e. before the mouse is released) while the panning is happening which results in a "smoother" panning experience (provided that your server/network can keep up with the rate of the requests/transfer).

Additionally, while I haven't been able to confirm this yet (various environmental reasons - I will investigate further when I sort this out), I have a feeling that this value defaults to "false" (or more likely is never set) in IE8 when not specified (despite the API documentation saying it defaults to true) because I have an application deployed internally (using 3.7) which does not specify optimizePanAnimaciton but pans "smoothly" under IE8, but pans as if optimizePanAnimation is true under IE10.

...or have I totally misunderstood what optimizePanAnimation is attempting to achieve and my problem lies solely with IE8/IE10 compatibility issues? :p