Photos referenced on the server won't show on the shortlist storymap

Discussion created by adamsol on Dec 8, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2014 by ressinger-esristaff
I've uploaded my .png photos in the appropriate size (200x150pixels), and put what I think should be the Image URL in the appropriate column. Yet when I upload the .csv file to the online ArcGIS map the 'url' just shows up as a 'More Info' hyperlink that links to a page that won't load. When I put that map in the generic hosted template the images don't show up either.

I have the url exactly as the example shows:

but with my actual file path.

Is it just a problem with the server? Also what is the difference between having the images on my server, or on a public one like, would that affect a lot of things with this template?

Thank you for your help!

[Edit] I have now realized I may have not actually uploaded any files. I just copied and pasted them over, which I'm assuming is not what I needed to do.