Map Extent and Zoom Precision

Discussion created by agentx44 on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2013 by btfou
Hi, I've been having some problems for some time with zooming in to the right extent. It seems like that there's an issue with the way extent is set into the map. There are instances where the extent are set properly i.e. the upper right corner (xmax, ymax) and the lower left corner (xmin, ymin) are close to what I expect if not exact. There are instances also that the extents are way off to the values I expect the map's extent should be.

I have created a fiddle to demonstrate this. Playing around with Extent's expand method, expanding by a factor of two (2) effectively zooms out the map twice but expanding by a factor of anything beyond two (2) but before three (3) still zooms out the map twice. Oddly, expanding by a factor of three (3) zooms out the map four times. What could be done to correct this so that the extents are properly set into the map? Thanks.