Geodatabase Replication vs Web Services

Discussion created by ldonahue on Dec 6, 2013
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I would like to make an argument (in general) that Geodatabase Replication is still useful for sharing data over a network to a distributed group of users.

As a means to share data, are people finding Geodatabase replication still useful as a means to share data from a central repository to regional locations (locations outside of your office)? 

Or is everyone finding that web services are replacing this data sharing methodology?

I would expect that consuming feature services which contain many thousands of records can have the same effect as sharing that data across a network as a simple file share. If that is plausible argument, then I think Geodatabase Replication still has its place. 

Internal Geodatabase Replication will probably always have value, but I wanted to focus on using that model to share data outside your location, as opposed to web services.