Can not register a table in the geodatabase

Discussion created by aviabunin on Dec 6, 2013
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Deat Gurus!
I hade a problem in using feature service and decided to recreate feature service.
I delete geodatabase and recreate it with using tool Create enterprise geodatabase. I used default values : Database Administrator - sa, Geodatabase administrator - sde. Then I add for "sde" login user mapping for created database (cuks_gdb) next roles: db_owner, db_datareader and db_datawriter.
    Then I create x,y-table "events" with geometry field , with forms values of that field with the next sql expression:
update cuks.dbo.events set Shape =  geometry::STGeomFromText('Point('+ ltrim(STR(x, 99, 11))+ ' '+ ltrim(STR(y, 99, 11))+ ')',28406);  

Then I create database connection to geodatabase under user sde . I see geodatabase and table "events". But when I try to register table in geodatabase (Context menu -> Manage-> )  - I see, that all puncts of menu are disabled.
   I am a newby and try several times to repeat this operation - but with the same result. Somethind i do not in the same way as for the first time.
Any ideas?