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Closest facility accuracy issue

Question asked by dj1991 on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by dj1991
Hi, I'm using the closest facility tool for the first time and am having some trouble, though it is the same issue even with the simple route function, which I have used before.

I have a location, and want to find the distance along a road to another location, however it is not taking anywhere near the closest route. I have used this road dataset before (a street network from Geobase), and not had any troubles. Essentially, there are certain intersections that it refuses to drive through on some occasions, but will drive through them on others, and instead takes a hugely convoluted route around.

What I'm wondering, is what are the settings which could possibly be causing this problem? It just seems to set a route up and down random blocks sometimes.