Personal Geoportal Webpage (SMTP)

Discussion created by RHpec0312 on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2014 by mhogeweg-esristaff

I have deployed geoportal 1.2.2 successfully using Tomcat as the web server.  It is a learning process but I have drudged through the muck and can now visit my geoportal online.  The issue I have, which I have given up on for the time being, is that the smtp email client on the feedback page just won't connect to smtp servers.  I have used telnet and can detect the server.  The error is get is that a TLSSTART Command was not initiated.  Don't quote me on the syntax of my error messages please.  Turning off firewall does not help.  I can tweak setting on gmail, but only changes the error message slightly. 

My feeling is that something from inside the java built geoportal is not initiating the correct message to begin communication with the smtp server.  There was nothing in the geoportal documentation detailing the innards of this email tool.  I don't know Java so any attempt to start digging into Tomcat's JavaMail might just break my geoportal.

Any thoughts?

For now I am shifting my project efforts towards publishing metadata.