Spatial Join in 10.2 returning all 0 values (mean, first, and sum)

Discussion created by jeckert1 on Dec 4, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2013 by nahmed-esristaff
I have an issue with analysis >> overlay >> spatial join.

The target is a polygon feature.  The join feature is a point feature.  I'm using a JOIN_ONE_TO_ONE, keep all fields, match INTERSECTand using the "FIndex" field (double) mapped to "FIndex2" (double) as an average.

I can confirm that all shapefiles as well as the data frame are in the same projection (NA Equidistant Conic).  I can select by location those points that intersect polygons (all of them).  The mapped field is added to the newly generated shapefile.  Unfortunately, all of the values are 0s.

I'm dumbfounded, as I swear I've done this a hundred times before.  Any idea what on earth could be going on?