Can two 10.2 web adaptors share the same services?

Discussion created by jtosoni on Dec 4, 2013
I am brainstorming the idea of installing two web adaptors on my web server for one ArcGIS for Server Site. One adaptor would be set for Anonymous authentication or for the public, and another would be set for Windows Auth. using AD for internal users that would like to perform web edits on certain feature services. I'm trying to wrap my head around whether 2 services could be created from one mxd, one of which would be secured for specific internal users to perform edits and the other would be for the public? Or maybe this cannot be done. Just trying to understand how services are affected by having two web adaptors and if duplicate services/config files are needed to accommodate for the two entry points into my site? Not much documentation on this potential setup. Any clarification would be appreciated -thanks!