Sharing an AGOL application to the public without sharing services comprising the map

Discussion created by skruegerciviltechinc on Dec 4, 2013
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I've been using our organizations AGOL account for a couple months and have a good handle on using it/workflows within the GIS platform.

One basic concept I'm still trying to get a handle on is this....

Say I make a web application from a web map and want to share it to the public, is there any security functions that allow me to share the app itself, without making all the feature service layers that comprise it available for people to search as well, basically I want the application end product without giving up certain data for people to search and use. It seems this is not possible but maybe I'm overlooking something.

I understand you have to check the "share to everyone" box next to all elements of the application otherwise the user will have to login with a UN and PW.

Perhaps my answer doesn't lie within AGOL, there has to be a way to deliver an app while still protecting some of the feature services/data files that comprise the map. (do I need to host all map files not in ESRI cloud for this to be possible?)

I appreciate any clarification.