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Does the popup window have a mouseout event?

Question asked by tligon on Dec 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by jfultz22
I have source-destination pairs of markers on the map. When the user mouses over a marker, the popup dijit displays; the marker does not have a mouseout action defined. Embedded in the popup window is the marker's graphic (we use picture markers). When the user mouses over the embedded graphic, a line is displayed on the map connecting to the paired graphic; when the user mouses out of the embedded graphic, the line is removed from the map.

Because there is some functionality embedded in the popup, I don't close the popup window upon mousing out from the map marker. As a consequence, the only way to close the popup is to mouse over another marker or click the popup's close button. I was thinking maybe it would be cool to just mouse out of the popup to trigger the close action. Does anybody know if the popup window has a mouseout event and if so how do I capture it?