Portal (or AGOL?)  in terms of what you 'get' with your account maintenance?

Discussion created by starlene on Dec 4, 2013
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I am beginning to think about the whole upgrade to 10.2....and want to make sure I am understanding this statement correctly with regards to the portal product.

"The Portal for ArcGIS extension software is included with ArcGIS for Server Advanced (Enterprise or Workgroup) and is licensed based on the number of named users (users that log into the portal)."

The way I see it is that if I have ArcGIS Server advanced enterprise, I get the portal extension included  in my maintenance/upgrade software. But then I have to pay extra to actually use the product that is included? Or does included mean that it is like other optional extensions?
What is the benefit to portal if I already am using AGOL and the credits afforded to my organization thru what we have in terms of software/licenses? No offense, but I cannot see even paying more $ for software than I do each year in maintenance. Isn't it basically the same thing, except you have everything on your system and not

I saw some of Derek's other replies in other posts about users may get either a portal or AGOL account login or a 'free' named user, but how is/was that determined? is that old info pre UC? I was not able to attend this year so I feel totally in the dark about all these new things I am supposed to embrace ;)