raster to polygon, adjusting for line thickness in raster?

Discussion created by jross23 on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by jross23
I have a scanned cadastral map and need to turn it into polygons.  I've registered the raster and whatnot, and now raster-to-polygon seems to be the ticket, but when i run it I get polygons defined by each side of the raster line, as the raster line is somewhat thick.  I would rather it place the polygon co-incident border down the center of the raster line, but am not sure how to accomplish this.

ie. my polygons are separated by about a 2m space, as that is the thickness of the raster line in pixels.

I tried first going raster to polyline, but that seemed to take forever, and either complained that the output would be larger than 2gig, or just hung, which I don't understand as the polygon process took seconds, and the raster is certainly not that big, nor are the amount of line features (equivalent of maybe 2 city blocks).

Any advice on how to account for this line thickness is appreciated, I'm also open to other/better approaches to doing this task.