ExportWebMap fails for Bing basemap

Discussion created by Lunlupus on Dec 3, 2013
Hi Folks: I am running into some issues with the export webmap geoprocessing task. Using ArcGIS for Server 10.1 and the javascript API (legacy 3.3). When we look at the server settings we can see that it has a BingMaps key but I am getting a return of Authorization failed from the server for the export task. When I look at the JSON payload being posted I can see the Web_Map_as_JSON object being constructed but in the "layer_bing" operationalLayer the "key" isn't being set. If I copy this Web_Map_as_JSON object from firebug, manually enter the "key" parameter to the "layer_bing" operationalLayer and then do a direct ajax call to the service suing this modified Web_Map_as_JSON parameter it works fine. This is the only solution I have found to this problem thus far. Is there some way to get the Web_Map_as_JSON object programmatically? Let me be clear - this is not and ArcGIS.Com webmap, but the parameter that is passed into the Export Web Map Task execute via http POST (i.e. something in the javascript API is converting the input map PrintParameter into that JSON object when we make the call to our ArcGIS for server and I don't know how to access it or inject the "key" parameter into it.