Simple explanation on ArcSDE etc.

Discussion created by h.smith89 on Dec 3, 2013
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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this so let me know! I am new to this area of Arc.

I have a load of data in excel format that is updated on quite a regular basis. At the moment I am updating the mxd map by appending the new data to the end of the feature class. This is then published on our ArcGIS Server. It is not difficult but it can be time consuming.

I have just been reading up on Access/ArcSDE and it seems like there is a way that I can automate this process; when the excel data is added to the spreadsheet, this will automatically update the map and then the map on the server. Am I correct or not?

If so, can someone give me some advice as to the best way to do this please? The documentation can be confusing! I don't have to stick with excel.

Thanks in advance.

(I have Desktop 10.1 basic and server 10.0, hopefully to upgrade to 10.1 soon)