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programmatically creating OnDemandGrid using ColumnResizer

Question asked by schlot on Dec 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by JUihlein-esristaff
I'm dynamically creating a dGrid/OnDemandGrid and I'm having a hard time getting the ColumnResizer extension to work.  Maybe it doesn't do what I think it's supposed to do?  I was expecting it to allow me to grab the edge of the header and drag the column to a larger size.  Is that not what it does?

I have the appropriate require definitions at the top for
"dgrid/OnDemandGrid", "dgrid/extensions/ColumnHider","dgrid/extensions/DijitRegistry","dgrid/extensions/ColumnResizer","dgrid/Selection",

My grids are generated based on the results of multiple queryTasks, coming out of a set of functions based on promise/all.  I have a separate function, buildColumns, to generate the columns using the attributes of each layer.  I assume this buildColumns function is where I should tell each column that it's resizable. The grids are populated with the correct data.  

function queryGeometryResultsHandler_toGrid(results, idx) { //format the data for the data grid
//gridList.length = 0;
 var featureAttributes =, function(feature){     
    return feature.attributes;
    var currentMemory = new Memory ({data:featureAttributes, idProperty:'OBJECTID'}); 
    var gridcolumns = [];
    if (results.features.length > 0) {
      gridcolumns = buildColumns(results.features[0]);  
//create a titlePane in the floatingPane for each visible layer
    var currentLayerId = qTaskNameList[idx];//a list of layers created in query task functions, array created previously 
    var currentQTask = qTaskList[idx];
    var paneTitle = (currentLayerId.split('_').join(' '))+"  ("+results.features.length+")";//formats string to make a nice title
    tp = new TitlePane({ 
    id: 'gridPane_'+currentLayerId, 
    title: paneTitle, 
  tp.set('class', 'reportTitlePane');

// Create Grid using structure and data defined above  
      if (results.features.length > 0) { 
        var grid = new (declare([Grid, ColumnHider, DijitRegistry, ColumnResizer]))({
            columns: gridcolumns,
            store: currentMemory
        tp.set("content", grid);
        grid.on('.dgrid-row:click', function(event){
            highlightGridSelection(event, grid, currentQTask);
    }else {
        tp.set("content", "No features found");
function buildColumns(feature) {
    var attributes = feature.attributes;
    var columns = [];
    for (var attribute in attributes) {
        if (attributes.hasOwnProperty(attribute)) {
            var objects = {};
            objects.label = attribute;
            objects.field = attribute;
   = attribute;
            objects.resizable = true;//is this in the right place??
            if (attribute === "Shape.len" || attribute === 'Shape.area'  || attribute === 'OBJECTID') {
                objects.hidden = true;
    return columns;