Problems with Merge and Topology

Discussion created by pmarban on Dec 2, 2013
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Good afternoon everyone,

I am really struggling with trying to figure out ways to fix my output's topology. I have shapefiles created using 3 years of merged SAV data for the Chesapeake Bay and I am trying to make sure the merge worked. My attribute table has a "Density" field which is critical for my analysis (it's a scalar measurement from 1-4, 1 is > 10% SAV in the beds, 2 is 10-40%, 3 is 40-70% and 4 is 70-100%). My supervisor and I figured that the best way to display the data is to have the maximum value be displayed for "Density" across all the polygons. We obtained this by right clicking and selecting maximum for "Density" in the Field Map menu. We tried to change coincident points under the geostatistical analysis window in the environment settings screen but it yielded inconclusive results (the maximum values were not shown). The main problem I am having is that some polygons are one on top of the other from years past and the "Density" value is being displayed incorrectly (showing an incorrect value for the polygons that are underneath the larger polygons- it shows lower polygons as having greater values than they actually do).

I doubt I made much sense at all and I apologize. It's really difficult to describe in writing. But basically to summarize: I tried unions and merges but found merges are the best for what I want, the value I want ("Density") is displayed incorrectly when I click Identify on a polygon at random, I thought maximum value would display this information best but I believe something is wrong with the topology.

If anyone can make sense of what I'm getting at or what exactly my problem is, I greatly appreciate it! If there has already been a post about this on the forums, if you could just send me the link that would be really helpful too!

Thanks again!!