Load locations - a subset of point features only, based on attribute table

Discussion created by shohmann on Dec 2, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2014 by MMorang-esristaff
Hi everyone. I struggled to make the subject of my question precise, partly because I am very new to arcgis.
I also tried to find previous posts that might have solved the same problem. Apologies if I overlooked those.
That said, my question is quite simple

I have a network dataset, which I am using to create closest facility layers. Now I would like to redo the analysis introducing point barriers from a point feature shapefile.
The issue is that different parts of the network will be blocked at different points in time. I therefore would like to consider only those points that are "active" as barriers at any given time. I have a variable in the attribute table belonging to the point feature shapefile, which identifies this time.
What I was hoping for is an option in the "load locations" tool, which would allow me, when I introduce point features as barriers, to restrict attention to only those point features where a certain condition is satisfied (say "timevariable == 2").
As far as I understand, you can run search queries that allow you to block only some parts of the network, but the objects you query on are the roads (objects in the network dataset), and not the point features you introduce to run closest facility, find route etc.

So, is there a way to load only a subset of locations based on the attribute table or to restrict attention to only a subset of the loaded locations based on the attribute table when solving for the closest facility?

Thanks in advance for your help.