Time Aware Chloropleth Map

Discussion created by mruff on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by CGSJohnson
I have a time enabled layer published as a map service in V 10.1.  The source is a query layer that contains a join of a table of ~500,000 timestamped records in a SQL Server database with the shape of 24 counties to produce a chloropleth map.

In my javascript app, I am currently using ArcGISDynamicMapService with the time slider to generate time instants with a user selected date range.  This is working fairly well. 

However, it would be nice to offer a more fluid experience where the user can drag the thumb on the slider and see the map change almost instantaneously.  Since the geometry will not change (just the atttributes), is there a way that I can download the shapes once, and the entire range of attributes to the client.  Then just change the color of the shapes for each step in time extent? Any other thoughts on the best way to achieve this fluidity is appreciated as well..

I also have access to V10.2 if there is greater functionality

Thanks in advance for any insight..