Social media template not working

Discussion created by sigmasl on Nov 27, 2013
I have notice that social media template is not working fine when used as hosted.

If I share an Arcgisonline map as an aplication and select Social media, the aplication works perfect. But if I donwload the template and I put it in our server, it not works fine.
Once donwnloaded I configured the app, inserted the map id, and it runs but with several problems:

Arcgis online version are properly translated to spanish, but the donloaded one have several mistakes (several items are not translated). This is not a big issue beacause it's very easy to fix it, anyway I think it is goodfor you to know it.

Funcionality on mobile devices:
Arcgis online version has no problem, but in hosted version,  it doesn't work on mobile devices.
If you try to get info from points, when you push a icon, it doesn't show you the info, instead of that the zoom changes.