Get polylines which touch (endpoints) of a given polyline

Discussion created by fleetwoodmacattack on Nov 26, 2013
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Hello all,

Somewhat familiar with GIS and Python/scripting languages but very new to integrating the two. I have a polyline shapefile of street centerlines for a city. These centerlines have a Boolean field for whether or not they contain a bike lane. My desired end product is a table/list of bike lane corridors (i.e. "Main Street") and the start and end intersecting (touching) streets (i.e. "1st Street" and "9th Street"). To do this, I think I need to do the following:
- Create a list of all unique bike lane corridors - i.e. I may have several adjacent "Main Street" polylines with bike_lane set to TRUE but would only want to count this street once (equivalent of an SQL SELECT DISTINCT)
- Loop through each distinct corridor and find the endpoints
- Extract the information (really just 'Street Name') of the polyline(s) touching each endpoint

Does this request make sense? Again, my end result would be something like:
1. Corridor: Main Street, Start Point: 1st St, End Point: 9th St
2. Corridor: Market Street, Start Point: Water St, End Point: Ridge St