Tracking file names when creating composite bands or pan-sharpening images

Discussion created by Palebot on Nov 26, 2013
When compiling multiple bands, like landsat or quickbird, multi-spectral images, which are individual tiffs, I usually make sure that the file name is clearly demarcated (depending on the kind of sensor). So, if it is QB data and is the blue file, I name it blue. Same with red, green, and near infrared. With Landsat, I usually do it differently, but this doesn't matter. In compiling the bands, however, ArcGIS utility changes the band designations in the composite image. I have basically figured out that I can track them if I am careful how I order them when I load them. But other than that, does anybody know how I can find out the original band file names? When I do screw up and not order them properly, I can usually figure it out by playing around with it until I can pinpoint which is which. However, if you take an additional step and pan-sharpen, that is hard depending on the algorithm you use. It is also hard when creating a composite with many landsat images. So, any suggestions?