Copy Features to FC w/ established fields

Discussion created by boston1685 on Nov 26, 2013
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This is a simple process when performed in ArcMap but I'm having trouble getting the solution in Python.  For example, in ArcMap you can select features from one FC and copy/paste them to another FC (empty in this case) that already has established fields.  If the field names match in both FCs, then the values would be carried over to the target FC.  The source data will also be projected on-the-fly to the target FC's coordinate system.

The CopyFeatures_management tool copies a FC to a new FC, but I already have an established target FC with the field I want.

The Copy_management tool copies a FC to an established FC, but the coordinate systems must match so it won't project on-the-fly.

The CopyRows_management tool copies rows to a table, which does me no good.

I am considering using the CopyFeatures tool to establish the new feature class, then deleting all fields (# fields may vary, would need to create a Python list), then creating the new fields.

There has to be a better way to do this.  Any suggestions?