Locator won't match close street number in single address locator

Discussion created by phanmore on Nov 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by sacdou
We have built a locator in ArcGIS 10 SP5 which is based on the US Street - Single Address style.
We have been able to tweak most other settings but are still having issues with street number scoring.
Basically, we would like the locator to rank similar house numbers on the same street/town with a high score.
The default action (from my testing and based on one other forum thread) seems to indicate that the locator is VERY strict about the house number matching - to the point that it will give a high ranking to an address that matches the house number and street in a town hundreds of miles away, but fail to even score the address 100' away.
We have tried playing with the scoring of the FullNormalAddress, NormalAddress and House components but nothing seems to allow addresses with close house numbers in the desired city to be ranked higher than exact house number matches in a different city.

For example:
Search for 100 Main Street, Mytown

Geocoder responds with:
Score: 90, Address: 100 Main Street, Yourtown (could be large distance away from Mytown and therefore totally wrong location).

Yet 98 Main Street, Mytown is only two house numbers away from the desired address.  I would like the locator to return something like:

Score: 98, Address: 98 Main Street, MyTown
Score: 50, Address: 100 Main Street, Yourtown

Has anyone found a solution for this?  Any workarounds?  Apparently this worked as desired in 9.3.1 but was "improved" in 10.0?