Recursion Error when loading dojo Gird in Firefox

Discussion created by sr0bergman on Nov 25, 2013
I have an app with a Dojo Enhanced Grid that loads correctly in Chrome, IE, and Safari.  I can not figure out why but in Fire Fox the app does not load correctly?  I am getting a "too much recursion" error?

The javscript to load the grid is

unction loadGrid(strQuery){

        var gridQueryTask = new QueryTask("");
  console.log("IN GRID FUNCTION");
        var gridQuery = new query();
        gridQuery.returnGeometry = false;
        gridQuery.outFields = ["*"];
  gridQuery.where = strQuery;
  gridQueryTask.execute(gridQuery, showResults);

function showResults(results) {     
  var items = new Array;
        for (var i=0, il=results.features.length; i<il; i++) {
          items[i] = results.features[i].attributes;
  //Create data object to be used in store
        var data = {
          identifier: "OID",  //This field needs to have unique values
          label: "OID", //Name field for display. Not pertinent to a grid but may be used elsewhere.
          items: items
   //Create data store and bind to grid.
        parcelsStore = new ItemFileWriteStore({ data:data });
        parcelsGrid = dijit.byId('grid');
  console.log ("DONE");

And the HTML

<div dojotype="dojox/layout/ExpandoPane" id="bottomPane" region="bottom" splitter="true" class="dojoxExpandoBottom">

  <table data-dojo-type="dojox/grid/EnhancedGrid" data-dojo-id="grid"  id="grid" data-dojo-props="rowsPerPage:'5', rowSelector:'20px'">
    <th field="OID" formatter="makeZoomButton" width="18px"> <img alt="+" src="images/zoom.png"/> </th>
          <th field="OID" >OBJECT ID</th>
    <th field="Block" editable="true"  >BLOCK</th>
    <th field="Community" width="100px" >COMMUNITY</th>
    <th field="Date_Aquir" formatter="formatDate" width="100px" editable="true">DATE ACQUIRED</th>
    <th field="Date_Trans" formatter="formatDate" width="100px" editable="true">DATE TRANSFERRED</th>
    <th field="Frontage" editable="true">FRONTAGE</th>
    <th field="House_Num" editable="true">HOUSE NUMBER</th>
    <th field="JDE" editable="true">LAND JDE</th>
    <th field="Lot_No" editable="true">LOT NUMBER</th>
    <th field="Notes" width="150px" editable="true">NOTES</th>
          <th field="Phase" editable="true">PHASE</th>
    <th field="Status" editable="false">TRANSFER STATUS</th>
    <th field="Street_Nam" width="150px" editable="true">STREET NAME</th>
    <th field="Street_Typ" width="150px" editable="true">STREET TYPE</th>
    <th field="ZipCode" editable="true">ZIP</th>   


Any help is greatly appreciated!