Table Joins

Discussion created by awradfor on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by jskinner-esristaff

i am having some trouble getting a table join to perform correctly in Python. The two files are File GDB tables... i am trying:
import arcpy

Fawn_Weather_Stations = "C:/Users/Radford/GIS_540/Project/FAWN.gdb/fawnshapetable"
outfile = "C:/Users/Radford/GIS_540/Project/FAWN.gdb/outfile"
joinedfield = arcpy.JoinField_management(Fawn_Weather_Stations, "TowerNumber", outfile, "StationID", "KEEP_ALL")
copy = arcpy.TableToTable_conversion(joinedfield, "C:/Users/Radford/GIS_540/Project/FAWN.gdb", "JOIN")

However when i add copy into an arcmap document the join is not there. However my the script runs correctly. Any thoughts are appreciated and if you know of a better way to join the two GDB table together please share.