Help Please: Teaching Self: need data sets to practice Groundwater & Hydrology Tools

Discussion created by tophrooney on Nov 24, 2013
For a for credit independent study, I am playing around with the Groundwater and Hydrology tools. My goal is to present a PowerPoint on what are these tools and show "How To" with examples to a GIS Fundamentals course. I was already lent some well data to show spatial distribution. Now, I would like to use Fill, Darcy Flow, and Flow Accumulation tools. However, to do so I need input data or basic data I can derive input from. I would really appreciate any help finding some example data sets. The sites are not very important since it would just be an example so I'll take wherever is available and make it work. I would of course include attributes/reference to you and forward a copy of the product.

I believe I need the following types of data for each tool:

Fill             -a surface elevation raster
Darcy Flow - Groundwater head elevation (could derive from: water well log data, static water level)
                - Effective formation porosity (difficult to estimate from just geology)
                - Saturated thickness (not sure what i could derive this from yet)
                - Formation transmissivity (attributes about aquifer material)
Flow Accumulation - Flow direction raster

I am open to suggestion of ways to show other tools, but obviously I am very limited in what data I have available and time to do field work