Spatial Anaylist Error 010085

Discussion created by edapoole on Jul 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2010 by Dan_Patterson
I am having an issue with Spatial Anaylist.  The IDW feature is not working with my point shapefile and returns Error 010085 - SPOT is an invalid field.  I have checked the file, it is a high precision shapefile.  Here is the process I used so far:

  1. Created a set of graphic points based on address locations

  2. Converted the graphics into a point shapefile

  3. Tried to use spatial anaylist to make an IDW grid

  4. Error mesage

I ahve tried to convert the shapefile into a "high precision" file, but the tool claims it already is high precision...  Any thoughts, I'd like not to have to create this whole shapefile again manually...  Thanks