Attachments on 10.2 Feature Service with 10.2 Geodatabase

Discussion created by mwack on Nov 22, 2013
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I've enabled attachments in a 10.2 enterprise geodatabase on Oracle.

Published a service through Server version 10.2 (Linux) referencing the feature class and it's attachment table.

The layer in the Feature Service has:

Has Attachments: false

The attachments work fine on the desktop, but that does not seem to be carrying over to the Service.  I followed the documentation.   Which states:

"When these datasets are added to a map document and published, clients can query, insert, and delete the attachments through the feature service"

I have an arcgis online service with attachments enable, on the Collector & ArcGIS apps for Android they allow you to add attachment, but not with the above service on the database.

Am I missing something?