Raster data not visible after mosaic

Discussion created by jzomer on Nov 22, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by tomas.tencer

I have a big raster dataset with elevation data (40GB) and want to add a view km2 of elevation data (4GB) to the original dataset. I did this several times with the Mosaic-tool, a time consuming job. Every time the Mosaic-tool succeeded, but the result is strange. I get a dataset where parts seem to be missing around the newly added parts. However, when I zoom in, the missing parts are showing up. It's also possible to get info from the missing fields. So the data is available, but not showing up when zoomed out..

What is going wrong? Is there a way to repair the dataset?

The datasets are all ESRI Grids, Generic 32bit floating point, 1  band.

Thanks in advance!