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Get Relationship Classes from Table (Not Workspace)

Question asked by bangel on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2013 by bangel
Any ideas on how to do this? Originally, I thought I could use the relationshipClassNames from the GDB Table properties, but I only get empty value back (i.e. []). Anybody know why this does not work or what I'm doing incorrectly? Not much to this and the example is pulled straight from ESRI help documents.

desc = arcpy.Describe("myTable") print desc.relationshipClassNames

I found this thread with this code

import arcpy from arcpy import env workspace = env.workspace = r'your_workspace' def detectRelationship():      rc_list = [ for c in arcpy.Describe(workspace).children if c.datatype == "RelationshipClass"]      for rc in rc_list:          rc_path = workspace + "\\" + rc          des_rc = arcpy.Describe(rc_path)          origin = des_rc.originClassNames          destination = des_rc.destinationClassNames          print "Relationship Class: %s \n Origin: %s \n Desintation: %s" %(rc, origin, destination)          detectRelationship()

, but I don't need to search the entire DB for all relationships. Only a specific table. I could use this code to ID the table and relationships I want, but would prefer to use the relationshipClassNames from GDB Table to reduce the amount of code.

Any help would be much appreciated.  Forgot to add I'm using 10.1.