Raster Sum

Discussion created by matthew_friesen on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by xander_bakker
Hello. I am looking for a way to sum various raster layers together while keeping the full extent of the raster images used in the input. I have some smaller raster layers and some larger ones. When I use the raster calculator (after using a conditional statement: Con(IsNull(0, "Myraster") (I am using "Myraster" for some images that have different weights associated with them using float variables) I acheive only the extent of the smallest layer where the raster images overlap. It worked for me one time to achieve areas even where there is no overlap (ie: the full extent). I would like to know how this is accomplished. I have noticed you can copy the final images via raster copy and edit the snap and extent of the largest raster though I don't believe this worked for me. I did this and added the layers in the same way and it only showed the smallest extent. After trying a few other things it showed the larger extent. I am just not sure what changed. Thank you.

For the final output I would like to show layers that overlap both no times and multiple times and use colour symbology to describe this phenomena.